Radon comes from the radioactive breakdown of naturally occurring radium found in outdoor soils. As a gas in the soil it enters buildings through foundations, plumbing and other connected structures. Buildings can hold and trap the radon which can result in elevated indoor radon concentrations. AMRC can provide Radon testing for your home, business or facility. Learn more about Radon in the state of Florida by Clicking Here.

Are you a local, state or federal property in the State of Florida? A facility that is a 24-hour care facility, state-licensed day care center, or K-12 school? Below is a map that will help you determine if you have mandatory testing requirements. Remember if you fit within the state guidelines (as a facility) you are required by law to test for radon. See the link for mandatory testing requirements in the state of Florida.


Radon Testing Map for MultI-Family Homes and Facilities


Radon Testing Map for MultI-Family Homes


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