Established in 1984, the American Management Resources Corporation (AMRC)  has placed the restoration and assessment of environmental hazards and conditions as top priority. Such services include water damage assessment, storage tank services, asbestos abatement, microbiological sampling, soil and groundwater analysis and more.

Our multi-level engineering expertise spans across all aspects of our work – through the conceptual design stages, permitting services, facilities operations maintenance and project execution, AMRC’s foundation of success is built upon an extensive history of experience in the project development process.

As we continually strive to offer unparalleled structural designs and efficiency in our work, our proficiency in civil, structural and environmental engineering practices sets us aside from others.  Our project-specific core engineering strengths and talents are tailored to your needs by providing our complete attention in areas such as land use planning, design generation and collaboration, detailed design documentation, emergency preparedness plans, environmental waste management, wastewater treatment system design, sustainability solutions and more.

“Industrial Hygiene is the science and art devoted to the recognition, evaluation and control of those environmental factors or stresses, arising in or from the work place, which may cause sickness, impaired health and well-being, or significant discomfort and inefficiency among workers or among the citizens in the community.” (AIHA)

AMRC offers comprehensive Industrial Hygiene services. Our team of Certified Industrial Hygienists and Certified Safety Professionals are adept at investigating and providing cost effective solutions for our clients. We are devoted to providing our clients with suitable and safe places to live and work, whether for public or private entities including homes, schools, businesses, hospitals and more.

Key to the success of a sound health and safety program is a comprehensive hazard analysis which includes such areas as:

  • Identifying Potential Hazards
  • Determining Probability of each Potential Hazard
  • Worker Exposures and Limitations
  • Work Activities Being Performed
  • Safety Features Already in Place
  • Training Programs in Place
  • Personnel Protection Being Utilized

AMRC is a key resource for corporate training needs. We have developed and provided specialized training for corporations, city and county governments and school systems and more, as we stand as an expert authority in what we do. With this expertise, our professional training courses  include materials that many other entities can use to train personnel at their convenience. Such training courses are eligible for continuing education credits through many certifying agencies including the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Examples of the courses we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Asbestos Inspector, Management Planner, Supervisor and Underground Pipe
  •  Respiratory Training and Respirator Fit Testing
  •  Basic Microbial Contamination Remediation Training
  •  Facility-specific hazardous waste handling programs
  •  Environmental Site Assessments
  •  Asbestos Awareness Training
  •  Lead Abatement Worker Training

AMRC takes pride in offering the knowledge and expertise in our field and continue our dedication to the community into our customer service. Not only are our environmental services available to you 24/7, but our swift response is something that we guarantee. If you find yourself in a situation that requires immediate emergency attention, AMRC is here to provide our expertise to answer questions and concerns,  and to assess the situation to conclude the best possible solution for your current situation. Emergencies can arise at unpredictable times;  count on our accessible emergency response to help.

Our continual commitment at AMRC is to provide people a way to utilize and enjoy natural energy resources, partly by disposing of accumulated waste materials in the process. Therefore we diligently select the most efficient and environmentally friendly methods of contriving, managing and disposing of waste materials to recycle their use in new ways.

AMRC will provide the most efficient ways to handle waste removal procedures for you and your staff through in-depth procedural explanations.

About us

Here at AMRC, we strive to work with clients in a fiscally responsible manner to protect and improve both quality of life and the environment. Our team of professionals has over 65 years of collective experience providing environmental practices and solutions. We are a company with a focus on ensuring that our local water resources, air quality and building structures are operating under the most sustainable and safest conditions. AMRC is dedicated to providing our services to not only assess situations, but to find innovative and effective ways of improving them.