About Us

Environmental Health and Safety consulting can be complicated. We strive to provide our clients with competent yet easy to comprehend services. American Management Resources Corporation (AMRC) was incorporated in 1984 and has been performing environmental, engineering, and contracting services since 1991.


Jack M. Snider, III


Mr. Snider is a principal and senior consultant at AMRC and has been with the company since 1993. He is a graduate of Florida Southern College and is actively enrolled and 85% complete on a master’s degree in Environmental, Health and Safety from Columbia Southern University. He has received environmental accreditation from The Environmental Institute of Atlanta, Georgia, the University of Florida and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His professional certifications and licenses include: Certified Safety Professional, Florida Licensed Asbestos Consultant, Florida Licensed General Contractor, and Florida Licensed Mold Assessor.

photo of engineer Mike Hill

Michael A. Hill, P.E. , MBA.


Mr. Hill is a Senior Engineer at AMRC. With over 18 years of experience in the Florida marketplace, Mr.
Hill has obtained a working knowledge of the regulations and the regulators. He is a Florida Licensed
Professional Engineer.

Cassie Rahe

Ms. Rahe has been with AMRC for over eight years and is the corporate Director of Operations. Cassie is
native to SW Florida: she is currently raising her daughter here while completing advanced college
classes. Her duties include client relations, qualifying subcontractors, and scheduling. Her role and
knowledge is critical to all divisional projects to further execution of project support.
photo of Cassie Rahe

Anne Snider


Anne has been an integral part of AMRC since its inception. She is responsible for the oversight of the financial department and all aspects of daily operations, including human resources.

Zack Middleby


Zack attended the University of Mount Union in Ohio and received a Bachelor of Science degree in
Geology. He conducts full indoor air quality investigations and is currently licensed to conduct mold and
asbestos assessments but is also an important contributor to the Engineering department for water and
soil testing. Zack’s previous professional experience includes drilling injection wells. Zack grew up in
western Pennsylvania and was a formidable football player in his day. He participated and helped his
team win the Division III Stagg Bowl in 2012 and 2016.

photo of engineer John Herman

John Herman, P.E, E.I.


John holds dual degrees in Environmental and Civil Engineering from Florida Gulf Coast University. He is
a certified Engineering Intern and holds OSHA and DEP certifications. His experience includes site
assessment and field supervision for soil and groundwater investigations, as well as petroleum
contamination projects.

Lauren Papero Brutus


Lauren is responsible for overseeing revenue policies and procedures which include accounts payable
and receivable, payroll, as well as a variety of human resource duties, workers compensation and
insurances. She is a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University and an alumnus of their Volleyball Team.

Anthony Horvat, E.I.


Anthony is a Florida native with an Environmental Engineering degree from Florida Gulf Coast
University. He is a certified Engineering Intern and holds OSHA and DEP certifications. He serves as an
indoor air quality project manager and is certified to conduct both mold and asbestos assessments. He
also contributes to the engineering department on inspection projects and groundwater and soil testing.
When he isn’t working he enjoys basketball and is an avid fisherman.