We are in the design phase of a new facility, what can AMRC provide to make the structure a better environment?
AMRC's staff of professionals can review a project during the design phase and provide suggestions that will assist in making the building more easily maintained, energy efficient, minimize building related health concerns, engineer out safety concerns, and allow for good indoor environmental quality.

What can AMRC provide to improve maintenance procedures at an existing facility?
Based on AMRC's experience with assessing building problems, we can provide proven comprehensive solutions to existing maintenance procedures. An example of this would be helping to decide when HVAC systems need to be cleaned. AMRC can provide a list of recommended products, assist in establishing procedures for responding to indoor air quality complaints and give cost reduction factors related to building use and maintenance.

Our facility is going to be audited for regulatory compliance. What can AMRC provide to minimize our potential issues?
Depending on the scope of the audit the level of a regulatory compliance inspection can very. Potential compliance inspections could include the Environmental Protection Agency, OSHA, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and county regulators.

AMRC can provide audits that meet any of the client's potential needs. An example would be an audit for the sale of a property, an OSHA only inspection or a hazardous waste procedures audit.

There has been a recent safety incident at our building, what can be done to minimize the reoccurrence of this happening again?
Through careful review of an incident AMRC can provide an assessment of the incident and make recommendations that will minimize the opportunity for a reoccurrence and reduce property owner liability.