Why is lead paint dangerous? The toxic effects of lead are well documented in both children and adults. Workers exposed to lead can have damage to the central nervous system, reproductive system, cardiovascular system, hematological system, and the kidneys.

Lead Exposures

National efforts to reduce lead exposures and the removal of lead from paint around 1978 have helped reduce human exposure to lead, however, lead paint dangers exist in older homes, buildings and structures. Exposure in homes can occur during renovation and disturbance of lead based paint. Worker exposure can occur during renovations and maintenance of older homes, buildings and structures.

AMRC Lead Abatement Services

In addition to lead testing and inspections, AMRC specializes in lead removal and lead abatement services including enclosure, chemical stripping, dust and paint removal, encapsulation and remediation.

Lead-Based paint abatement has been performed on the following surfaces:

Brick         Steel         Metal         Wood        Concrete

Lead Paint RemovalAfter Lead Paint Removal

Lead-Based paint abatement has been performed using the following methods:

Chemical Stripping          Needle Gun         Wet Scrape

Lead Paint Door RemovalAfter Lead Paint Removal Door

Contact AMRC for expert lead paint testing, removal and disposal services including:

  • Building Inspections and Lead Based Paint Testing and Surveys
  • Abatement Plans & Specifications
  • Contractor Oversight and Performance Evaluations
  • Exposure Assessments
  • Worker Monitoring
  • Operation & Maintenance Programs
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Employee Awareness
  • XRF and Laboratory Services