Petroleum Cleanup Project

  • Location: Fort Myers, FL

PROJECT SCOPE: The Client’s Bus Facility had been impacted with petroleum products due to a line leak.  After assessing the suspected impacted area, AMRC determined that the contamination was limited to the soils in the vadose zone.  After delineating the area via a combination of hand auger and direct push borings, AMRC created a remedial action plan to address the contamination.  After reviewing the potential cleanup technologies (soil vapor extraction, excavation, soil washing with groundwater extraction, etc) it was determined that a limited bio injection could be used to perform the remediation.  In order to limit the Client’s financial liability, AMRC decided to perform the remediation using pay-for-performance principles.  In order to accomplish this, AMRC and our subcontractor developed a unique bio-cycle method bio-injection RAP.  The bio-cycle method works by injecting augmented water from the top to the bottom of the impacted soil column.  This method of injection is important because one of the major limiting factors for bio-remediation in the unsaturated zone is keeping the soils moist enough to allow the microbes to consume biomass and multiply.  The RAP was approved on February 12, 2010 and a report of remediation detailing the activities was submitted in June of 2010 (approved in December of 2010).  The required quarterly post remediation monitoring occurred in 2011 and the SRCO was granted in November of 2011.  The total cost for the project was $45,141.00.  There were no change orders and the project was completed on time and under budget.