Asbestos Abatement Project – Key Largo, Florida

  • Location: Key Largo, Florida

American Management Resources Corporation (AMRC) performed asbestos abatement, consulting and monitoring located in Key Largo, Florida. The asbestos-containing material removed consisted of approximately 60 ft2 of ceiling texture located in the cooking school, 25 ft2 of rolled vinyl flooring, and 100 ft2 of black mastic.

Using 6 mil polyethylene, the work areas were contained by constructing temporary barriers. Appropriate asbestos warning signs were posted at all accessible passageways into the work areas. The work area was placed under negative pressure using air filtration devices that were HEPA filtered. During the work activities, the workers wore disposable protective suits and half-face respirators fitted with P-100 filters. Upon departing from the containment, each worker decontaminated via a shower that was placed at the entrance to the work area.

The waste removed from the site was double-bagged in 6 mil polyethylene bags. Asbestos is a proven health hazard and is regulated by both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. An ongoing concern for all asbestos-containing materials will assist in protecting the worker and building occupants from accidental exposure.