AHERA Survey

  • Location: Fort Myers, FL

AMRC was retained by The School District of Lee County to
conduct an asbestos survey of Mirror Lakes Elementary School, as required by
AHERA, and in accordance with the State of Florida asbestos regulations. The
inspection of the school buildings for asbestos-containing materials was
completed by AMRC staff trained and certified as AHERA Inspectors in
accordance with the AHERA regulations, under the supervision of a Florida
Licensed Asbestos Consultant, as required by the State of Florida asbestos
regulations. The intention of the re-inspection was to locate asbestos-containing
materials and report the conditions of the materials observed within the facility.
To conduct the re-inspection, AMRC interviewed The School District of Lee
County personnel for information pertaining to the construction and design of the
facility, reviewed previous inspections/survey reports and other pertinent
documents, conducted a walk-through to identify locations of asbestos-containing
materials and collected samples of suspect asbestos-containing materials whose
asbestos content had not previously been determined. The school consists of
seven buildings interconnected with a common walkway and encompasses
approximately 122,000 square feet of building space. A total of 23 different
suspect asbestos-containing materials were identified at the school and 23
samples were collected during the most recent re-inspection.