Construction Materials Testing

  • Location: Fort Myers, FL

PROJECT SCOPE: AMRC was retained by the Lee County Department of Transportation (LCDOT) to conduct construction materials testing, subcontractor oversight and project management for a two-year span during the Phase I Expansion Project on Summerlin Road in Fort Myers, Florida.  AMRC performed systematic testing and inspection services of concrete and asphalt to assure materials utilized during construction met project specifications.  Poured concrete samples were tested for tensile strength and slump. Asphalt samples were collected and transported to a testing laboratory for analysis and comparison to the specification criteria.  AMRC collected soil proctor samples and assessed the compaction of soils throughout the roadway.  A portion of the roadway project consisted of the fly-over that is located at the intersection of Summerlin and Gladiolus roads.  AMRC collected concrete samples throughout the pouring of the concrete material.

If you intend to engage in any construction activity, you need to be aware that you will need to purchase the required raw materials such as lumber, rebar, and other items to use in the construction exercise. If you are planning to build your home soon or invest in real estate, it is important to know that the quality of the structure that you build will depend on the quality of material that you use in the construction process, and of course, don’t forget about hiring the building inspections Melbourne to make sure everything goes as expected.

With more people becoming aware of climate change and the need for green construction technologies, you will also need to evaluate your building’s impact on the ecosystem. Green technologies are environment-friendly since they ensure maximum utilization of building materials, such as rebar and lumber, and minimize utility costs in your home. For instance, ensure that you install energy-saving lighting systems and insulate your home.