UST Assessment Spring Creek Elementary School

  • Location: Bonita Springs, FL

The Spring Creek Elementary School historically operated an underground storage tank used to fire the facilities emergency generator(s).
When the storage tank was removed, the closure report indicated the presence of soil and groundwater contamination. AMRC was contracted to determine if
contamination was still present at the site or if a clean closure could be obtained.
In order to assess the site, AMRC advanced 8 soil borings in the area where the
former storage tank was located. The borings were advanced using a
combination of hand augers and a direct push style drill rig. Soil samples were
collected at one (1) foot intervals from each boring for analysis for the presence
of organic vapors utilizing an organic vapor analyzer equipped with a photoionization detector. AMRC also collected soil samples for laboratory analysis for
the presence of BTEX, MTBE, PAHs, and TRPH. Based on the results of the
field screening, AMRC supervised the installation of four (4) shallow monitor
wells and subsequently collected groundwater samples for analytical analysis.
The laboratory analytical results did not reveal the presence of any tested
parameter at a concentration greater than its corresponding regulatory cleanup
criteria. Therefore, as per FAC Chapter 62-770, AMRC conducted an additional
groundwater sampling event to confirm our findings. After the sampling results
were confirmed, AMRC requested and received a clean closure from the state of
Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection. The total cost for this project
was approximately $25,000 and the project was completed on time and under