Well Abandonment Project

  • Location: Indian River County

PROJECT SCOPE: AMRC and our State of Florida Licensed Water Well Contractor, Groundwater Protection, Inc. (GPI), performed well abandonment activities.  The activities consisted of the proper abandonment of seven (7), two (2) inch diameter monitor wells. To abandon the wells, the drilling subcontractor first removed the manhole and two (2) ft by two (2) ft concrete pad using a spud bar. Following pad and manhole removal, the monitoring well casing and screen was completely removed. The borehole was then filled to the surface with grout using the tremie method. The pads removed from the asphalt parking lot (MW-2 and MW-3) were replaced and brought back to grade by a matching asphalt patch. The pads removed in the grass (MW-1, MW-4, MW-5, MW-6, and MW-7) were replaced with matching sod.