Industrial Hygiene

“Industrial Hygiene is the science and art devoted to the recognition, evaluation and control of those environmental factors or stresses, arising in or from the work place, which may cause sickness, impaired health and well-being, or significant discomfort and inefficiency among workers or among the citizens in the community.” (AIHA)

Industrial Hygiene practices are employed to develop solutions for work place environmental, health and safety concerns. This work place ranges from large factories to small office settings and the Industrial Hygiene practice encompasses virtually every facet of these settings.

AMRC offers Industrial Hygiene services. Our staff of Industrial Hygienists and Certified Safety Professionals are adept at investigating and providing cost effect solutions to clients. Key to the success of a sound health and safety program in the work place is a comprehensive hazard analysis which includes such areas as:

  • Identifying Potential Hazards
  • Determining Probability of each Potential Hazard
  • Worker Exposures and Limitations
  • Work Activities Being Performed
  • Safety Features Already in Place
  • Training Programs in Place
  • Personnel Protection Being Utilized

AMRC Provides Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Services which Include:

  • Noise Exposure Assessment and Monitoring
  • Chemical Exposure Assessment and Monitoring
  • Biological Contaminant Exposure Assessment and Monitoring
  • General and Detailed Work Place Safety Inspections
  • Confined Space Assessments
  • Hazardous Chemicals and Waste Storage, Use and Disposal Inspections
  • Worker Physical Exposure Assessments
  • Personnel Protective Equipment Fitting, Training and Assessment
  • Risk Management and Assessment
  • Safety Plan and Program Development
  • Safety Training and Training Program Development
  • Emergency Plan Development