AMRC can provide both qualitative and quantitative fit testing to anyone who is required to wear a respirator on the job. A “fit test” tests the seal between the respirator’s face piece and your face. Our specialist can perform the appropriate fit testing in our office or your place of business. Prior to fit testing, the employer must ensure that the employee is medically qualified to wear a respirator. Respirator fit testing is required and regulated by OSHA.

According to the Department of Labor, you must be fit tested before using a respirator in the work place, and you must be tested at least every twelve (12) months. You must be tested with the specific respirator you will be using.

Qualitative fit testing:

  • Detects leakage into a face piece
  • Pass / Fail
  • Uses your sense of taste or smell or reaction to an irritant

Quantitative fit testing:

  • Detects leakage into a face piece
  • Uses a machine to measure the actual amount of leakage